Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Soul Memories

I suppose Yoga and knitting will have to suffice for my creative fill today. I have been laying in bed for the past week due to a nasty cold on top of all the other stuff going on in my body. I forgot how good it feels to stretch- it really feels as though there are cells or something opening up in parts of my body that have lain dormant for so long. Before I got sick (when I say "sick" I am using that word for lack of a better one to describe the constant pain in my joints that only gets worse when I move my body), I practiced Yoga quite a bit. Not religiously by any means, although at times I did want to just pour my heart and soul into it, I just had so much going on with school and work and Quent and everything.

But now, I just adapt and improvise- it's really quite freeing. I can do some of the Yoga poses that don't put stress on the joints, but I also like to make up some and just stretch the Emily way! I opened my blinds just as it was getting dark. And we are finally getting our first pretty now here in St. Louis. As I was in one of my "made up" poses on my back, with my knees bent a little and my legs wide open, I looked backwards just a bit and saw it. Tiny little snowflakes that would have come and sat right on my tongue if the wall hadn't been there. I just stayed in that gentle position and watched for a while, remembering being a child and running around throwing snowballs at my sisters- and building snow tunnels and snow forts and laughing and running. I actually heard a few people in the parking lot outside laughing and I could just tell- they were definitely playing in the snow.

I know that my body isn't able to do those things now, but the fact that I still have my memories- my soul memories- leaves me feeling content. I watched for a few more minutes, and then decided to meditate on all of the good things I have in my life. And I know that my son is carrying on the tradition of just bein' a kid, playing in the snow and enjoying it with all of his being.

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