Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Limitations vs. the Unlimited

I recently made a promise to myself- actually it was a bit more of a manifesto in my sketchbook- to do something creative every day.  For me, that can mean knitting, sketching, painting, visual meditations, writing, taking photos, something crafty or anything else I may come up with.  The opportunities for creativity in one's life really is limitless.  And I've been thinking a lot lately on limitations vs. the unlimited.  My goal when I started this blog was to literally figure out how to live a creative life while enduring an illness that includes chronic pain.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of my posts have had more of a "venting" feel to them.  I recently came across a blog, Fibro Girl Kate's Blog, that makes me want to be a more responsible person in terms of illness and what an individual can still accomplish.  After all, I really do believe in the power of the positive (more on this in future posts)!  So today, in the spirit of creativity, I took out my little point and shoot camera and just took photos of some things around my home.  Here are just a few of them:

 (*disclaimer: I did not clean up/dust/vacuum before taking pics; if you are a neat freak, look away now)

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