Tuesday, November 23, 2010

These Little Hand of Mine

Actually, I have quite big hands, for a girl, I guess.  But my mom does too- we call them "man hands", though we are every bit ladies;  ladies who love to make things and make art.  My hands have been super busy for the past few days and my arthritic fingers have been too tired by bedtime to come write anything on my blog!

I took some pictures of what I've been working on- a sort of "centerpiece" for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Whether it will actually go in the middle of the table remains to be seen; my older sister (who is hosting) is a fabulous decorator.  I just hope that everyone takes the time to write out a little something or some things that they are thankful for.

I've been busy making this Thanksgiving tree.  You see, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and time of year because I get to focus on all of the blessings I have in my life.  I try to keep a positive mindset most of the year anyway, but I love being able to express my thanks to all of the important people in my life during this holiday.

Yesterday, I foraged around my neighborhood (I'm sure I looked fantastic with my cane and re-usable grocery bag!) for some good branches with lots of "hangers", some pinecones, and some leaves. 

I've been finding and printing out different tags from different websites (if you're curious, you can visit the crafty blog I host with my younger sis; I used this post to connect our followers with some great free printables)

Though my little sis thinks I may be a hoarder due to all of the containers I keep (think pringles cans, spaghetti sauce jars, yogurt cups), I managed to make a lovely, re-usable vase out of an old lemonade (I wash them first, I promise!) jug.  I cut off the top and used twine, hot glue, and mod podge and am quite impressed with myself.  It was an easy project, but just the fact that I can rub it in her face that I DO actually use my empty containers makes me smile!

I had to look through my art cabinet to find something to thread through these tags- I was going to use twine, but ended up finding some really great decorative strings/thin ribbons from an old scrapbook stash I had!  I love it when you plan for one thing, have your mind set on it, and then are totally glad it didn't work out because something better came along.  I really think the different ribbons add a little something extra.

And that brings me to my long, drawn out point.  I've been trying for three years to figure out why on earth, after fighting for a decade for a better life for my son and I and accomplishing so much, would the universe plague me with such a painful physical illness.  I've racked my brains; I've meditated; I've cried; I've yelled; I've gone through several of the stages of grief over and over and around and back.  I've had more pity parties for myself than should be allowed for a hundred lifetimes. 

But I think I'm on the verge of acceptance.  Yes, I've written about it here before but I think I am much closer now.  Grief is a tricky bitch and she likes to mess with you for a while.  I wouldn't be so naive as to think acceptance is the be all, end all, but it feels good at least for now.  Maybe I'm just all hopped up on Thanksgiving endorphins, but I sure am thankful for a lot this year.  So... Thank You, Universe.  For I will learn what you need me to learn.

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