Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Not Different

Prompt: Beautifully different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different - you'll find they're what make you beautiful
Prompt Author: Karen Walrond
The Beauty of Different

I don't think I'm much different than anyone else- it's the 'human-ness' that I find so compelling, connective, and beautiful in meeting others. 

I cry.  I anguish.  I scream. I laugh with my whole body.  I dream.  I push on.  I survive.  I rest.  I strive.  I create.  I climb emotional mountains.  I wish.  I meditate.  I move.  I make lists.  I have goals.  I procrastinate.  I love with my whole soul.  I sing when I hope no one is listening.  I write.  I seek knowledge.  I make believe.  I help.  I react.  I live. 

It is all this that I know of others and myself.  And that, is beauty to me. 

this post a part of Reverb10: Reverb 10 is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next. Use the end of your year as an opportunity to reflect on what's happened, and to send out reverberations for the year ahead.


  1. Your different take on the prompt is, in fact, quite beautiful.

    I had a discussion with other reverb10-ers following the Community prompt about connecting with others who aren't in a strict "community." You've captured that same sentiment - recognizing the "human-ness" in others - perfectly here.