Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just a Little Note...

Since my almost-teenaged son lives 250 miles away from me and isn't a huge "phone-talker" (neither am I), I've tried to find some creative ways of letting him know that I'm always thinking of him.  I send him little pics I find from the internet that I think he'd like through private message on Facebook; we text during episodes of SNL (we always watch it together when he stays with me); and I try to send him cards here and there via snail mail.

Today, as I was making a birthday card for my mom, I put together a little card to send to my son.  Thought you all might enjoy a little peek:

I wrote a little message on the inside, slid it in an envelope, and off in the mail it goes! 


  1. It's beautiful :) Have you tried Skype?

  2. Yes! I totally forgot to mention that- his dad got him one of those small laptops for Xmas last year and I got a laptop with my disability back pay, primarily for that reason. It's so cool because I used to try to help him with his math homework over the phone and the questions were getting more visual and complicated, so skype saved the day, just in time:)

  3. Short emails are great too. My son rarely wants to talk for more than a few minutes and it's hard- so hard- to be so far away.

  4. Yes- even my attention span is short- any way I can get it across to him that I'm always there in spirit is a good way for me:)