Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reverb, Day 2

Prompt: Writing. What do you do each day that doesn't contribute to your writing -- and can you eliminate it?
Prompt Author: Leo Babauta

This one is easy- too much TV watching.  Since my bed has become my best friend over the past few years and the only TV I have in the house is in my bedroom, I have relied way too much on this big heavy box for entertainment (nope- don't have a fancy schmancy flat screen, nor do I have even the most basic cable; I'm kickin' it old school).  This is quite sad considering I have six channels at most and have resorted to watching some really terrible Saturday afternoon movies just to keep me "entertained". 

But really, lately, I've realized how destructive this has been to my healing process.  I'd rather watch crap than deal with any emotional or soul stuff that may be going on inside of me?  Cop. Out.  And I wonder why I've felt so creatively blocked lately!  So, even before this Reverb thing started, I noticed my reliance on TV and decided to do something about it.  So really, I got a head start on this prompt!  That's part of the reason I picked up this blog again.  Tired of wasting time!

I started having my breakfast out in the living room where I can see all of my artwork and art supplies.  There is no TV to distract me, however, occasionally (okay, so really more often than not) I bring my laptop and peruse the internet.  But I swear I'm looking for inspiration and not crap (okay, most of the time)!  I may not have found this nifty Reverb thing, had it not been for my perusal.  But... excuses come in many forms.  Honestly, I'd love to get back to a sort of Julia Cameron style morning pages routine again.  Sans computer.  We'll see!

this post a part of Reverb10: Reverb 10 is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next. Use the end of your year as an opportunity to reflect on what's happened, and to send out reverberations for the year ahead.


  1. yay you Emily! sometimes I bring an art book to bed to look through, and before i know it my energy is back and I jump up to "do" something, anything, in my art journal.

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  3. Thanks Hanna- that is a fantastic idea!

  4. Oh, yep been there. Sadly, I figured out how to watch tv online, and would sometimes devour entire seasons of shows. I thought I was doing myself a favour, because I was resting. I realize now that it was a way of zoning out, which I know was necessary for a while there. Blogging has brought me a way to keep busy without overdoing it, and it's way more connected to reality. And I've been finding so many creative ideas, and communities :)

  5. Totally! I always thought I was "resting" too. Thank goodness I've at least started to notice when I'm zoning (sometimes it's good) and can do something somewhat constructive about it. Thanks for visiting:)