Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Prompt: Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?
Prompt Author: Tara Hunt
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Ode to Greyhound
Pushed aside, I stand firmly with my cane.

I've been waiting in this line for over an hour.

My knees are sore, my hips burn, and my elbow is stiff.

Still, I grasp my cane with swollen fingers and move forward in the line.

A lady old enough to be my grandmother cusses me out and tells me I wasn't in line. (wtf?)

The driver greets me less than enthusiastically and asks for my ticket; when I give him the envelope, he scoffs and asks me to get out the piece he needs. 

 I balance my cane against my hip- it falls, and no one offers to pick it up.  I carefully balance my overstuffed backpack on my shoulders and bend down slowly to retrieve my support.

I hear heavy sighing by now from those behind me, but I remain calm.  I manage to get my ticket out of the envelope and he gives it back almost as soon as he takes it.  I wheel my suitcase over to the luggage compartment and once again get bumped from behind from someone who is apparently in more of a hurry than the rest of us.

Slowly, I make my way up the three steep stairs and find that, despite being one of the first in line, the seat with extra leg room is taken.  And it smells like chicken and farts.

I find a seat, and settle in; I know it will be okay.  For in four and a half hours, I will see my favorite person in the world.

Aside from the pain, rudeness, and smells, I also know how fortunate I am that I am able to make this trip a few times a year.  I live on a fixed income, and extra cash is hard to come by, but somehow, some way (usually through the generosity of my family), I am able to purchase this ticket every now and then.  For that, I am grateful.

Now... if people could just stop farting on the damn bus!  The windows don't open, people.

Next year, I hope to be fortunate enough to make that same trip more often.  I missed one of his concerts for the first time this year, and hate that I wasn't there- I'm his mom.

Oh yeah, and a trip to a tropical island with someone who is tall, dark, and handsome would be pretty fantabulous as well!

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  1. After the day I've had dealing with various, nefarious "customer service" entities, I was all too in tune with your answer to this prompt.

    In rugby, during the scrums, you're not supposed to "lay the boots" (cleat) the people beneath you. But if no one sees, you're in the clear. I'm just saying, I wouldn't think ill of you if someone were to accidentally trip over your walking apparatus.

  2. Aw. You captured a greyhound bus trip perfectly. I definitely am not a fan of travel this way.

    Also... I hope you get that tropical island trip. sounds splendid! :)

  3. Yawps, I have definitely thought about it! My son bought me a cane with a sword in it (I know, he's freakin' awesome) last year for Christmas. Would that be taking it too far? ;)

    Pixie, greyhound sucks, but it gets ya' from pointA to pointB:) I hope I get that tropical trip, too!

  4. Tender and so freakin' hilarious - glad you can laugh at the rudeness of some people. Mean old lady cussing you out and the chicken and farts line made me LMFAO.

    If anyone deserves a tropical trip, it's you.

  5. Oh so funny! Sell some of that art lady! Then I will figure out a way to make money too and then we could have a vacation together between us :)

  6. Aw, Shannon, thanks, girl:)

    CS, YES- 2011, I WILL sell some art; then, it's vacay time with my new friend:)

  7. Woohoo! I'm thinking there needs to be an Etsy shop in my future too then. Maybe I can sell some creative photo albums ;)