Sunday, January 23, 2011

Link Lovin'!

Wow- in one of the comments sections, I learned that I got another blog award!  I'm blushing... I feel so honored that you all like this blog.  Shannon, from Thumbin My Way was oh so sweet to give me the award; she is smart, sassy, and her blog is so much fun to read- never a dull moment with her, so Thank You, Shannon!  This one is "The Stylish Blog Award" and I'll try to be short with my answers, since I was a bit wordy with my last one.  I'm supposed to share seven things about myself and then pass the award onto 5 other blogs. 

Woo HOO!  Okay, here we go:
1. I'm a middle child
2. I hate to cook and rarely do
3. I have one fat thumb and one fatter thumb (even weirder: my mom has two fat thumbs, her mom had two fatter thumbs; my older sis has two fat thumbs, and my younger sis has two fatter thumbs.  I got one of each.  And the "fatter" ones look like toes.  Seriously.  We call them "thoes".)
4. I'm pretty mild-mannered, but I use the f-bomb a lot.  I curb it around the kiddos, though.  Most of the time.
5. When I say that I miss my son, no one can understand the depth of my heartache and the heaviness I feel in my heart

6. I hate winter, but have learned that accepting it makes it much easier to deal with (like a lot of things!).
7. Me and ice cream- we got a thing goin' on.

Now, I've seen this award hoppin' along to a lot of my favorite blogs, so I'm going to pass it along to those who hopefully haven't gotten it yet:

Olive and Hope
That's Mrs. Mediocrity To You
Bottle Up The Crazy
A Muse
I Forgot To Shave My Face
So much inspiration in this blogosphere!
Onto other news... The beautiful soul over at Creatively Sensitive recieved a sort of "challenge"- a "Pay it Forward Creativity Challenge".  I love her photography so much and I also love the concept (thought up by another wonderful photographer, Jodi from Living Life Photographically) of paying creativity forward.
So here's the deal:   The ideas is that the first three people who contact me and request to be involved, by comment or by email, will receive something hand made by me. They then create something handmade for three people, and so on.  If anyone wants to play, just leave me a comment; I haven't quite decided yet what I will be giving away, it might be a print (see "my artwork" on the sidebar for my woodcuts) or I may make something that has yet to be created!
Thanks for all the love, you guys!  I'm so glad I've been able to make so many great connections and I can't wait to make more. 


  1. Congratulations on your award!! Your blog is beautiful..and for an artist to receive something like the Stylish Blog Award seems perfectly appropriate.

    I would love something made by you. Thank you!

  2. Yea, Cinderita! Thanks, girl;) I've been diggin' your blog too. Email me your address and I'll try to get something out to you sometime this week!

  3. I do heart me some link love. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your award!

  4. Thanks, Jenn- for the congrats AND for thinkin' up the Creativity Pay It Forward!