Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Bit of Love and a Lotta' Snow

Thanks to a good talk with my buddy over at Creatively Sensitive on Friday night, I powered through the rough patch and decided that making some Valentines for my favorite twelve year old would be just the trick to brighten my spirits.  I always put together a little package for him, and this year, I thought I'd "pad" it with little puffy home made hearts. 

I cut hearts of different sizes out of book pages and maps.  On the ones made out of the book pages, I decided to use a little watercolor paint to give it some color (and to hopefully take attention away from the fact that it's from an old medical textbook on joint diseases!).  I stapled them together and stuffed them with little crunched up strips of newspaper.

Today, I found out that the Midwest is supposed to get hit by a pretty big snow storm.  Again.  Once January rolls around, I'm pretty much over the snow's beauty and ready for Spring, but since I know it can still snow in May, I try to just roll with it.  So in keeping with that spirit, I dug out some of my favorite snowflakes that I made for my Christmas wrapping and decided to make a little "curtain" out of it.  Here are a few pics:

I'm just sort of gluing edges together with no real formula.  I'm still trying to decide which window I'd like for this to cover, so I may post more pics later when it's up.  Until then... I'm just going to continue making little valentines for Q, work on this painting commission, and try to stay warm!


  1. Are you serious, clark? I really missed out on craft night!!! Super cute!

  2. Aw, spanx hamms:) I've got a few more projects up my sleeve before I send the package out, so if this storm doesn't snow us in at our respective houses, we should def craft sometime this week! Or maybe... I'll just come over and get snowed in at your place;) I miss my nephew!

  3. I think it was Thursday, after my cocoon day, so thank you as well :)

    These hearts are just darling. And the photos of them are super stylin'. (I might snag one to keep on my joy page) :) I Love that they are medical pages about the dis-ease that keeps you two disjointed, so poignant.

    What kind of paper did you use for the snow flakes? So pretty. Way to embrace the inevitable snow!

  4. CS- Snag away, darling! I was thinking about sending one of them in for the "Joy" project anyway:)

    I never thought about the whole "disjointed" thing- poignant indeed!

    For the snow flakes, I just used tea-stained coffee filters:) They are already the perfect shape and size and I had so many left over from x-mas:)