Monday, January 17, 2011

Teaser and a Scarf

Considering the astrology world has been turned upside down with all the controversy going on concerning the "new" chart, I'm not so sure I want to continue with my last piece of artwork!  I actually think it's pretty funny how crazy everyone has gotten over this.  Although I totally relate with the Virgo stuff, I'd be happy to be a Leo, too (which apparently I am now?), since I really don't think it matters.

I haven't posted in a week, and more regular posting is something I've wanted to do this year (NOT a resolution, just something I'd like to work on); my pain has been outrageous lately and a recent appointment with my rheumatologist got me a little down last week.  I've been working on a painting commission (actually it's a barter with the guy who is designing a website for me and my sister's business) and I have some teasers of that painting (will post final painting when finished!):

And... I thought that I could tie in my recently finished scarf with the whole "Cosmos" theme since it's an infinity scarf and it's colors are totally cosmic;)

you can wear it long... can double it up...

...and you can even wear it like a hood, while still keeping your neck warm! 

I actually think I started this scarf in 2009, but it's really hard to knit with arthritic fingers, and I had a couple of other projects going along the way.  But I finished it and it is only the second scarf I've made for myself- I always want to give them away, but I'm definitely keeping this one.  Now, my little sis and I have decided to learn more than one stitch, so look out for future projects!


  1. I missed you!!!

    That scarf/wrap is so amazing! I love the doubled up and the hood. YOU look fabulous in that hood picture. Can you hear me whistling? Don't take good photos.. pshaw. Super model.

    Your teaser's are just beautiful and cruel :D

  2. I love the scarf, too. It's incredible! I want to wear it each and every way!

  3. CS, missed you too;) Thanks for the compliments on the scarf- I just went into my picassa file and there are thirty-five photos I *didn't* use because I look scary with the scarf. Seriously.

    Julie, thank you! It's really fun to experiment and use it in different ways:)