Monday, February 7, 2011

Sending Out Love

Okay, okay, I know he's turning thirteen next month, but he will always be my #1 Valentine. Here are some of the things that will be flying, with love, over three states this week:

he won't admit it publicly, but he still likes shit like this;)

that boy loves him some candy!

cute little mini-notepads; his step-momma loves monkeys, so I thought he could share some with her, too

how freakin' COOL?!? an eraser

Amanda from Kind Over Matter made this card (I can't link to the card, because you have to be signed up for their newsletter to get the pdf for it, which you can do right here) to share with her readers- it spoke to me; I always tell Q that no matter how many miles may separate us, he is always in my heart.

thought I'd include this little pic of us "way back when"; it's kinda' making me teary-eyed!

just a little paper-mache heart I made, then painted white

I filled the box with all the little goodies and the padded hearts I made here

I'm now seeing that the box is jankity-jank, so I'll likely get a fresh new one at the post office tomorrow. Just thought I'd share a little love with you all!

Who are you all making Valentines for this year???


  1. So lovely. I'm a little weepy now thank you. That last pic is just precious, with the bear's face looking up with those woeful eyes

  2. k, em...i'm totally crying now. thanks alot! :)
    this is the cutest valentines package i have ever seen! he will L.O.V.E. it!

  3. So cute and clever putting all that together. My baby girl turns 25 this week. I'm going to put together a package with lots of goodies. You inspire me. Terah

  4. CS, Thank you:) The bear looks like, "Is she seriously going to close this box on me? WTF?!?"

    Thanks, Hammy- he better love it! ;)

    Terah, thanks for the love! And our babies will never be too old to get Valentines- my momma still makes them for us:)

  5. Mama- you are a sweetheart. That photo is simply AMAZING. Your son will love it, even if his pre-teen-ness doesn't allow that to be "cool". Lucky boy

  6. Thank you S:) YOU are a sweetheart!