Sunday, February 20, 2011

Test Print

I finished the heart last night just before going to the most awesome 90's party ever.  So today, I decided to do a test print.  It turned out pretty well so I thought I'd go ahead and print it on nice paper, too (the test print was on newsprint paper).  After looking at it, though, I think I may make a few tweaks before calling it finished.  Thought I'd share the test print with you all:

finishing up the carving- I always have a towel underneath for all the shavings (however, I inevitably end up finding random shavings of wood all over my house anyway!)

finished (kinda') woodblock

test print on newsprint paper

the wall above my printing station- kinda' weird with all the hearts and lungs:)
thinkin' about doing a phrenology head next...


  1. I have loved watching this heart take shape. It is stunning! And the wall above your printing station rocks.

  2. Thanks, Muse:) It's been really fun getting back into my woodcuts!

  3. Oh! I love this & wood block prints in general!

    Thank you so much for submitting to the Kind Collective, means a lot!


  4. Thanks, Amanda! And thank you for running one of the best (and one of my most faves!) blogs around:):):)