Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've been sick for the past five days, hence, little to post.  But I got a little more active today and made some prints of the phrenology head on good paper.  I also tweaked the lungs a little and printed that on good paper, as well.  The Earth Day Festival is less than a month away, and my son is coming to St. Louis next week, so I've got little time to waste.  No time to be sick, either!
pulling the print
(I didn't ink this block well enough the first time, but it will be good for a layered print- pic to come soon!)

I'm opening an Etsy shop within the next couple of days with "pre-festival" pricing to help me raise money for the booth fee at Earth Day (you'd be surprised how expensive it can get!).  I will have hand-printed images available for as low as $25, so if you enjoy my art, consider buying a piece for your home!  

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  1. Hey- I saw something in Sydney and immediately thought if you. I had to go back and take a photo. I'll tweet it to you.

    Take care, and enjoy your time with your son.

    Feel better.