Thursday, April 7, 2011

Put Your Back Into It

I got a bunch of colored paper to make prints on Monday, got a bunch of padded envelopes to send out prints that I've sold, and even made little tags for my new etsy shop.  When I leaned over my table to start cutting down the paper, I threw my back out.  Again.  I seem to do this every 2-3 months and I get so frustrated when this happens!

It usually puts me out for a week or so- flat on my back, in bed, with muscle relaxers.  This may just be the busiest month I've had in years and then this happens.  Oh, universe... you tricky little bitch, you!  So I'm forced to slow down.  Reprioritize.  Well, I may not make as many prints as I had wanted before Earth Day gets here, but I'm definitely going to give good face tomorrow night at my art opening!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  Wish me luck;)


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Daniel!

  2. I hope your back heals quickly. And best of luck at the shows. I know you'll rock it.

    xo, Shannon