Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Enjoying the Scenery

Loving this weather, enjoying the sweet breezes, and smelling the fragrant flowers along the way.

51  7 8

FxCam_1305134535042 FxCam_1305134556050 FxCam_1305134731864 FxCam_1305134822704 FxCam_1305134866515 FxCam_1305134897884 FxCam_1305134917647

The first four pictures were taken at my older sister’s house; she hosted a Mother’s Day Barbeque for all the women in my family.  The last seven pics were taken today during a late morning walk.  I guess all that rain in April did something right!


  1. Lovely pictorial, Emily. Absolutely love the polished toenails! ;)